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Jan 11, 2013 8:00pm EST
you're concerned about the civil rights of the prisoners for the fact that guantÁnamo bay sophism in the u.s. should not keep open as the german gentleman has said. my question is, which is that? closing guantÁnamo bay for giving justice to the people, the 186 people? when you go in that track, everybody loses track of what's really the issue. >> i don't understand the distinction. he gave justice to the people. it's unjust to hold people indefinitely without hearings at guantÁnamo as a symbol of that. you got to close that i get the monitor. >> i don't want to get into an argument. >> your first point about the cost, not just economic cost, but the cost to america, the intangible cost. i think we saw that not too long ago when abu hommes the was extradited. the u.k. is our closest ally at on the war on terror and our closest ally made us promise to before they would extradite, we wouldn't send him to guantÁnamo had been prosecuted in a military commission, which to me as a statement about wonton memo and military commission said we had to promise her closest friends that we won't use
Jan 9, 2013 8:00pm EST
, what's the standard going to be, and how are we going to test people in a way that complies with civil rights, but, of course, has an overriding effect of addressing public safety. we had a lot of testimony. we had a lot of speaking out proand con from law enforcement throughout the campaign in colorado about implications and whether moving towards legalization was better or worse than the status quo. i worked my own career in law enforcement and prosecution, there's disagreement. i mean i heard passionate disagreement from a lot of people i respect. well, one thing we have to do now is have a standard that protect people who visit our state and drive on the roads so people know that that's -- there is going to be a safe system for them, and we're not sure yet how to do that. our legislature has that as job one now in the new session that starts this week in colorado, and your point of vu, your input would be valuable in our state. >> against legalization in colorado; is that right? >> i was opposed to it. i also publicly predicted it would not pass. my credibility is nil. [laughter] >
Jan 3, 2013 8:00pm EST
which is right outside the door here and you will be staying for signing. >> i will and as a civil servant at the government i don't receive any royalties so the prices been said very low and i hope you all enjoy it. >> let's talk a little bit about an idea that these machines have preceded us to mars. is a still ultimately the target to put a human being they're? >> for sure, and it's sometimes very surprising and all of the scientists i have spoken to really want to be there. they sense that they need to be there in order to do ask for nate -- exploration the way it should be done and part of it has to do with all those limitations i talked about. they want to go in different places and we accomplish a lot more with six people than with six people standing on a skateboard together. i think your point though about anticipating and comparing has become more and more real. i don't think we understood that so well before mer, that we could for reasonable cost put these rovers in different places around mars and figure out where we want to go. where should we lab? where should the hum
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3